Journey Of Creative PuppetZ

What started as a home project to keep myself busy during my early parenting days has gradually grown. I have been learning and unlearning a lot through this entrepreneurial journey of designing children’s toys and managing a remote team of women working miles away in different time zones.

As an Engineer with software experience in Manufacturing, Education, Payments, and Retail domains as a Web Developer and Business Analyst, I explored the craft medium (self-taught) during my leisure time. Transforming into a first-time mom with a busy schedule, crafting quiet books became my ‘ME’ time.

Upskilling as a seamstress, I started to learn and understand the art of designing cloth activities and made a few cloth books (quiet books) for my daughter. While designing these books, I started reading about the importance of interactive play, fine motor skills, sensory play, and more, which led to the launch of the brand Creative PuppetZ. As the brand grew gradually, I honed my skills in content creation, leading to the creation of my parenting-play-based blog, Journalsofmomma. A space filled with children’s book recommendations, toys, my parenting learnings, DIY activities designed for and with my daughter, and more.

During this phase, I worked on writing crafts and attended creative writing workshops under the guidance of Shwetha Ganesh Kumar, an UN Media Award winner, who helped me polish my writing skills. Through a workshop under Inkspire Press, I became a published author, with my fictional piece ‘Phoenix’ included among 22 authors in an anthology entitled Kaleidoscope.

How are our quiet books and cloth activities made for children?

All our cloth toys are meticulously handcrafted by our team of seamstresses, who ensure the utmost care is taken at every step, from hand-cutting to machine stitching, and finally shipping the children’s toys. Our dedicated team, managed by the Ideator and designer, works tirelessly despite being located miles away.

Meet Team Creative PuppetZ:

Some of our team members have been with us since the inception when we started as a small office setup. Over time, our team has expanded from three members to seven by mid-2022.

Every cloth toy featured on our website is lovingly handcrafted by these talented women. We are committed to producing high-quality, sustainable children’s toys that can be cherished by countless kids.

If you believe in our journey, please consider purchasing from our website to support our growth!

Thank you,

Deepika Suresh Ranjith

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